"C" Variados Rock

Cacumen - I Still Need You
Cacumen-The Day Before

California Breed  - All Falls Down

Candlebox - Far Behind

Cardiant - Ilusion Game

 Carly Smithson (We Are The Fallen) - The Show Must Go On
(Queen Cover)

Carnival - For Your Eyes Only

Cat Stevens - Father And Son
Cat Stevens - Morning Has Broken 
Cat Stevens - Wild World

Celesty - Autumn Leaves

Celtic Thunder - Brothers In Arms

Chickenfoot - Something Going Wrong

Chroming Rose  - I Died a Little

Circus Maximus - Zero

Conception - Silent Crying

Coronatus  - Lady Of The Wall

Cornbread Red - I Don´t Want To Miss A Thing
(Aerosmith - cover)

Corroded - As I Am
Corroded - Bleed
Corroded - Leave Me Alone

Crazy Lixx - In The Night

Crazy Rain - Rise Again

Cradle Trio - The Question

Crimson Chysalis  - Moth Around a Flame

Crystal Ball - Anyone Can Be A Hero

Crystal Blue - Sylvia

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