Variadas  "A"

2am - Only You (And You Alone)
2am - Too Late
2am - You're The One

5 Seconds of Summer  - Amnesia (Imperio 2014)

A1 - Dont Wanna Lose You Again
A1 - Grateful
A1 - Heaven By Your Side

A1 - Like A Rose
A1 - The Things We Never Did
A1 - Waiting For Daylight

A Fine Frenzy  - Almost Lover 
A Fine Frenzy  - Ashes Wine
A Fine Frenzy -  Think of You

Aaron Shust - My Hope Is In You
Aaron Shust - Watch Over Me

A Great Big World  - Already Home
A Great Big World  -  You'll Be Okay
A Great Big World &  Christina Aguilera - Say Somenthing

Abraham Mateo -  I Surrender

Adela Popescu  - Doar tu

Adrian Poulson (I Just) Died In Your Arms (Cutting Crew -Cover) 
Adrian Poulson -  I'm Not In Love

Afgan -  My Confession
Afgan  - You Give Me Something

Agnes Carlsson - What Do I Do With All This Love?

Aimee Mann  - Wise  Up
Aimee Mann - You Could Make A Killing.

Airplay - After The Love Is Gone
Airplay - It Will Be Alright

Alana Crace - Obsession

Alan Menken - A Whole New World 

Alannah Miles - Who Loves You
Alannah Miles & Zucchero - What Are We Waiting For  

Alan Walker - Faded

Alessia Cara - Here
Alessia Cara- I'm Yours
Alessia Cara - Scars To Your Beautiful

Alex Band  - A World Alone
Alex Band -  Please

 Alex Band -  Start Over Again

Alex Cornish  - Brothers In Arms   
presente do Vetherano

Alex Sierra Little Do You Know

Alexander Klaws - l This Is What I Feels Like ]v[ 맙

Alexia -  Hold On

All Angels - Nothing Compares To You
 Allen Stone - Reality
Allen Stone - Sleep
Allen Stone - The Wind

Allure  - All Cried Out  

Alok & Bruno Martini & Zeeba - Hear Me Now
Alok & Mathieu Koss - Big Jet Plane
Alok &  IRO -  Me and You
Alok & Zeeba & Iro - Ocean

Amanda Marshall - Beautifull Goodbye
Amanda Marshall - Let It Rain

Ambrosia  - How Much I Feel

Amora - Just So You Know

Amr-Mostafa & Ayamna - Feen 

Amy Belle - Same Day Twice
Amy Belle -  Slipping Under

Amy Grant  - Better Than A Hallelujah

Amy Guess -  Be With You Again  
Amy Guess  - Coming Up For Air
Amy Guess -  Tears Of An Angel

Amy Holland & Michael McDonald  - All I Know

Amy Sky - I Will Take Care of You
Amy Sky  - Soledad  

Amy Speace - Hunter Moon 

Ana Cristina - Lovin You.

Andra- Love You Can Save It All
Andra -  Why
Andra & David Bisbal  - Without You 
Andra & Mara  - Sweet Dreams

Andra Day - Rise Up  Totalmente D+
Andra Day - The Light That Never Fails  Rainha do Amor 

Andrea Faustini - I Didnt Know My Own Strength

Andreea Balan  - 3 Sud Est Un Vis Frumos

Andrew Belle - All those Pretty Lights
Andrew Belle - In My Veins
Andrew Belle - Make It Without You
Andrew Belle - Open Your Eyes  
presente do amigo SlimSp

Andy Williams -  Feelings 
Andy Williams  - For All We Know

Angeline Quinto - I Just Fall  In Love Again

Angie Gold - Lets Make Love presente da Mylla e do Caverna 

Angie Miller - You Set Me Free

Anna Nalick - Breathe
Anna Nalick - Forever Love
Anna Nalick -  In my Head
Anna Nalick  - Shine

 Anna Kendrick & Justin Timberlake  - Cant Stop The Feeling
 Anna Kendrick,Justin Timberlake & Earth, Wind Fire -  September
Anna Kendrick  & Justin Timberlake -  True Colors 

Anne Ducros - Sitting on the Dock of the Bay Vinalhaven, Maine

Anne-Marie & James Arthur - Rewrite The Stars

Anneke Van Giersbergen - Beautiful One

Anouk & Kane -  My Best Wasn't Good Enough

Anoushka Shankar  & Norah Jones -  Easy  

Aoi Teshima  - Winter Light

April Stevens - Teach Me Tiger 

Arash & Helena  - One Day

Ariana Savalas  - Perfect Man
Ariana Savalas - To Late

Arlissa - We Won't Move

Art & Garfunkel -  Let's Fall In Love

Ash Morgan - Back To Black (Amy Winehouse Cover) M T 
Ash Morgan  - When I Was Your Man  (Bruno Mars Cover) M T

Audra  Mae - Crazy Love
Audra Mae & The Forest Rangers - Forever Young 
Audra Mae,  The Forest Rangers &  Billy Valentine - Never My Love

Audra McLaughlin - The Climb 

Aurea - Scratch My Back   Rainh@ do Amor

Avalon  - We Are The Reason

Avalon  - You Were There

Avicii & Billy Raffoul - You Be Love

Aylin Eser - Ain't No Sunshine (Bill Withers cover)
Aylin Eser - Back To Black
(Amy Winehouse cover)
Aylin Eser - Skyfall
(Adele cover)


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