Blues Variados Man


Alan Haynes - Here In The Dark

Balkun Brothers  - Sally's Blues
Breakout Blues & Chad Strentz - Only Getting Second Best
Bronk and Sven Zetterberg Let's Straighten it Out

Buster Benton - That's Your Thing

Chris Stapleton - Without Your Love

Christian Willisohn - Blues In My Bottle
Christian Willisohn  - The Man In Your Life
Christian Willisohn & Lillian Boutt - Music Is My Life
Christian Willisohn & Rick H,Rocky Knauer - How Long

David Thomas - It’s My Own Fault

D'Mar Gill  - Souvenir Of The Blues

Donny - Know About Love

Eddy Clearwater  - Bad Dream

Emil The Ecstatics - Cryin' Won't Help You

Fade To Blue - I Cried And Cried

Gene Deer  - Midnight Healing

John Dummer's Band - No Change Now

John Weeks Band - How Can You Love Me

Jony James Blues Band  - In This World
Jony James Blues Band - So Long Sugar

Keith Richards – Hate It When You Leave

La Jones & The Blues Messengers  - Jumpin' At Shadows

Larry McCray - Worried Down With the Blues

Larry Miller - Blues Forever

Lonnie Shields - I Can't Let You Hurt Me

Mitch Perry Group - I Still Miss You

Oli Brown - Missing You
Oli Brown - Open Road

Seth Rosenbloom  - Gambler's Blues

Simon Kinny Lewis - Only Love

Steve Roux - Can't Change The Time

Steve Tracy - I Ain't Beggin'

The Blue Stones - Be My Fire

Tito Tarantula - After Dark





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