3 Doors Down - Kryptonite

Accept - Balls To The Wall
Accept - Bulletproof
Accept - Life's A Bitch
Accept - Metal Heart
Accept - Teutonic Terror
Accept - The Undertaker
Accept - Writing On The Wall

AC DC - Back In Black
AC DC - Hells Bells
ACDC - Shot In The Dark
AC DC - Touch Too Much

Acheron - War Machine

Ain't Talkin' - Bout Love

Airbourne - Backseat Boogie
Airbourne - Breakin' Outta Hell

A Killer's Confession - Numb

Alabama Thunderpussy - Rockin' Is Ma Business

Alice Cooper  - The Saga Of Jesse Jane

Allen Olzon - Never Die

Altaria - Unchain The Rain

Animal Drive - The Look

Annihilator - Phoenix Rising
Annihilator - Sounds Good To Me

Another Animal - Broken Again

Anthrax  - Carry On Wayward Son
Anthrax - Keep It In The Family

Any Given Sin - Dynamite

Armored Dawn - Animal Uncaged

Atreyu - The Time Is Now

Audioslave - Doesn't Remind Me
Audioslave - Show Me How To Live

Avatar - A Secret Door
Avatar - Let It Burn

Avenged Sevenfold - Hail To The King
Avenged Sevenfold - Paranoid
Avenged Sevenfold - Set Me Free

Axel Rudi Pell - All The Rest Of My Life
Axel Rudi Pell - Gunfire
Axel Rudi Pell - Tear Down The Walls
Axel Rudi Pell - Wings Of The Storm

Ayron Jones - Take Me Away

Bad Company - Company Of Strangers
Bad Company - If You Needed Somebody

Bad Wolves - Killing Me Slowly
Bad Wolves - Learn To Walk Again
Bad Wolves - Sober

Battering Ram - The Sign

Become The Knight - Won't Be Saved

Behemoth, A.Darski, T.Wroblewski & Zbigniew Prominski - Bartzabel

Between The Buried And Me - Cemetary Gates

Biff Byford -  School Of Hard Knocks

Big Brother & The Holding Company, Janis Joplin - Ball and Chain

Big Wreck - Too Far Gone

Billy Talent - Hey Hey, My My

Blackfoot - Highway Song

Black Label Society - A Love Unreal
Black Label Society - Bored To Tears
Black Label Society - Room of Nightmares
Black Label Society  - The Blessed Hellride

Black Majesty - Six Ribbons

Black Oak County - Watch Your Back

Black Sabbath - Children Of The Grave
Black Sabbath  - Feels Good To Me
Black Sabbath -  Heaven And Hell

Black Smoke Trigger - Blindfolds & Rattlesnakes
Black Smoke Trigger - Caught In The Undertow
Black Smoke Trigger - Only Human

Black Swan  - Big Disaster

Black Swamp Water - Bitter Harvest

Black Veil Brides - Rebel Yell

Blacktop Mojo - Can't Sleep
Blacktop Mojo - Where The Wind Blows

Bleed From Within - The End Of All We Know

Blind Guardian - Valhalla

Bloodbound - Moria
Bloodbound - Nosferatu

Bloodred Hourglass - The Unfinished Story

Bloodsimple - Death From Above
Bloodsimple - Ride With Me
Bloodsimple - Running From Nothing

Body Count - Hey Joe

Bon Jovi - I'll Be There For You
Bon Jovi - Lay Your Hands On Me

Brann Dailor - Red Death

Brit Floyd - Mother

Brkn Love - Shot Down

Brothers Of Metal - Njord

Bush - Comedown
Bush - Flowers On A Grave

Bullet For My Valentine - Radioactive

Cinderella - Bad Seamstress Blues, Fallin' Apart At The Seams

City Of Souls - Love Will Tear Us Apart

Chickenfoot - Oh Yeah

Children Of Bodom - Somebody Put Something In My Drink

Clint Lowery - Kings

Clutch - Fortunate Son

Confess - Evin

Corey Taylor  - Snuff
CoreyT, JasonC, ChristianMi, RoyM, Satchell - Rainbow In The Dark

Corroded - Cross

Corrosion Of Conformity - Albatross

Corrosive Sweden - Devil Of Mine

Crematory - The Downfall

Crobot - Gasoline

Crowbar - Planets Collide

Crystal Eyes - Extreme Paranoia

Crobot - Low Life

Cvlt Ov the Svn - Luna In The Sky Forever

Cyhra - Out Of My Life

Damnation Angels - No Leaf Clover

Damnation Defaced - Wolverine Blues

Danielle Nicole - Save Me

Daron Malakian & Scars On Broadway - Guns Are Loaded

David Coverdale - Blindman

Daughtry - World On Fire

Dawn Of Solace - Lead Wings

Dead End Scene - Sacrifice

Death Angel - Volcanic

Death Blooms - Life Is Pain

Deer From Space - Burn Baby

Deftones Ohms

Def Leppard - Rock Brigade
Def Leppard - Too Late For Love

Defecto - Rise

Demon Hunter - On My Side

DevilDriver - Nest Of Vipers

DIRT - Low Life

Dirty Honey - Fire Away
Dirty Honey - When I'm Gone

Dirty Shirley - Here Comes The King

Disturbed - If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
Disturbed - No More

Dyscarnate - Iron Strengthens Iron

Dizzy Mizz Lizzy - In The Blood

Dokken - It's Not Love

Doom Unit - Black Day Comes
Doom Unit - Killing Time

Dream Gone - Bad De Killer Be Killed

Drowning Pool - Bodies

Dry Kill Logic - Don't See Ghosts
Dry Kill Logic - Vices

Dynazty - Presence Of Mind
Dynazty - Waterfall

Eleine - Mein Herz Brennt

Elles Bailey - Wild Wild West

Eluveitie - Ategnatos

Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock

Elvenking - Silverseal

Evergrey - A Silent Arc

False Reality - If I Were You

Fiend Without A Face - Bringing On The Heartbreak

Fight The Fight - Triggerfinger

Fireball Ministry - It Flies Again

Fire From The Gods - Right Now

Five Finger Death Punch - Living The Dream
Five Finger Death Punch - Remember Everything
presente de MsFrvr
Five Finger Death Punch - Wash It All Away
Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side Of Heaven
FiveFingerDeathPunch & KWayne,Shepherd,BrantleyGilbert,Brian May  - Blue On Black

Foo Fighters - Everlong

Full House Brew Crew - Black Flag
Full House Brew Crew - Cannot Be Judged

GaMetal - The Last Cackletta

Gina Sicilia - They Never Pay Me

GG Allin - Bite It You Scum

Glen Alvelais - Slow Down

Godsmack - Nothing Else Matters

Gojira - Another World

Gone Is Gone - No One Ever Walked On Water

Gotthard - Feel What I Feel

Grand Magus - Brother Of The Storm
Grand Magus - Wolf God

Granny 4 Barrel - Nitro Sexy

Graveyard - Please Don't

Greenleaf - Good Ol'Goat

Grey Daze - What's In The Eye

Guns N' Roses - Don't Cry
Guns N' Roses - Nightrain

Halestorm - I Will Always Love You

Halford - Silent Screams
Halford & Rob Halford - Till The Day I Die

Hank Von Hell - Blackened Eyes

Hammerhedd - Disturbance

Hardcore Superstar - My Sanctuary

Hardline - Takin' Me Down

Hatebreed - When The Blade Drops

H.E.A.T - Rock Your Body

Heaven & Hell - Bible Black

Helhorse - Overboard

Helloween - I Want Out
Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys

Hollow Front - Loose Threads

Idle Hands - Can You Hear The Rain

Ignea - Gods Of Fire

Imonolith - Hollow

Inglorious - Until I Die

Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark

Ihsahn & Einar Solberg - Manhattan Skyline

Insomnium - Heart Like A Grave

Janis Joplin - Cry Baby
Janis Joplin - Maybe
Janis Joplin - Piece Of My Heart

JD Miller - Clouded Minds

Jeffrey Nothing - Fragile Mind

Jerry Cantrell - Setting Sun

Joe Bonamassa & Beth Hart - I'll Take Care Of You

John Dolmayan, M. Shadows &  Tom Morello - Street Spirit

Jonathan Davis - Basic Needs
Jonathan Davis - What It Is
(Country Version)

Judas Priest  - Turbo Lover

KAASIN - Runaway Train

Kal-El - Witches Of Mars

Kataklysm - Underneath The Scars

Katatonia - Behind The Blood

Khemmis - Rainbow In The Dark

Kill The Lights - The Faceless

Killswitch Engage - I Am Broken Too
Killswitch Engage - Unleashed

Kingdom Of Sorrow - Enlightened to Extinction

kirk Windstein - Aqualung
kirk Windstein - Dream In Motion

Kobra And The Lotus - Burn!

Korn - Black Is The Soul

Kris Barras Band - 6AM

Krokus - Screaming In The Night

Kryn - Reminder

Kvelertak - Fanden Ta Dette Hull!
Kvelertak & Troy Sanders - Crack Of Doom

Lacrimas Profundere - Celestite Woman

LA Guns - Let You Down

Lake Domain - Heroes

Lamb Of God - Memento Mori

Led Zeppelin - Going To California

Lifesick - Suicide Spell

Light The Torch - Calm Before the Storm

Like Machines - Kaiser

Lillasyster - Enemy

Lion's Share - We Are What We Are

Liv Sin - Blood Moon Fever
Liv Sin & Bjorn Speed Strid - Hope Begins To Fade

Lizzy Borden - My Midnight Things

Lost Society - No Absolution

Love Hate - Blackout In The Red Room

Lugnet - Kill Us All

Machine Head - Circle The Drain
Machine Head - Game Over
Machine Head - Hallowed Be Thy Name
Machine Head - Locust
Machine Head - Message In A Bottle

Madre Sun - Trick Up The Sleeve

Mammoth Mammoth - Tear It Down

Manowar - Battle Hymn
Manowar - Blood Brothers
Manowar - Odin
Manowar - Warriors Of The  World

Marcus King - Say You Will

Marilyn Manson - God's Gonna Cut You Down
Marilyn Manson - We Are Chaos

Mark Morton & Myles Kennedy - Save Defiance

Marty Ray - Simple Man

Megadeth - Dystopia

MESSER - Simple Man

Metal Allegiance & Philip H. Anselmo - Dying Song

Metal Church - Gods Of Wrath
Metal Church - Metal Church
Metal Church - Watch the Children Pray

Metallica - Blackened
Metallica - Enter Sandman

Michale Graves & Chibo - Dig Up Her Bones

Mike Zito,Nick Moss & Curtis Salgado - 19 Years Old - Live

Misfits - Dig Up Her Bones


Motrhead - God Was Never On Your Side
Motrhead - Heroes

Mudvayne - King Of Pain

Mushroomhead - Seen It All

Myrath & DonAirey - Believer
Myrath - No Holding Back

Nevermore - Believe In Nothing

New Model Army - The Hunt

Nickelback - How You Remind Me

Nicumo - Time Won't Heal
Nicumo - Tree Of Life

Night Demon - Kill The Pain

Night Fiends,Samy Elbanna,Brandon Ellis & Sean Elg - Death Lead the Way

Nightwish - Harvest

Novembers Doom - Nephilim Grove

Obituary - A Dying World

Obus  - Sangre De Rock' N' Roll

Oceans - Paralyzed

Onslaught - A Perfect Day To Die

Opeth - Dignity

O.R.k. - Kneel To Nothing

Ozzy Osbourne - All My Life
Ozzy Osbourne - Straight To Hell

Pagan's Mind - Alien Kamikaze

Paladin - The River Dragon Has Come

Parkway Drive - Die Leere

Pearl Jam - Alive
Pearl Jam  - Dance Of The Clairvoyants
Pearl Jam - Evenflow
Pearl Jam - Who Ever Said

Pectora - The Arrival

Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons - Spiders

Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall

Planet Of Zeus - Leftovers

P.O.D. - Southtown
P.O.D. - Youth Of The Nation

PORN - Sunset Of Cruelty

Porcupine Tree - Shallow

Powerman 5000 - Black Lipstick

Powerwolf  - Blood Of The Saints
Powerwolf - Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend
Powerwolf - Sanctified With Dynamite

Power Trip - Hornet's Nest

Pride & Glory - Losin' Your Mind

Pride Of Lions - Carry Me Back

Primal Fear - Along Came The Devil

Primal Instinct  - The Mask

Pro-Pain - Foul Taste Of Freedom

Psycho Choke & Gus G. - Fire In The Hole

Psychotic Waltz - Devils And Angels

Puppy - World Stands Still

Queen - The Show Must Go On

Queensrche - Eyes Of A Stranger
Queensrche Silent - Lucidity

Radiohead - Creep

Raga Rockers - Faneflukt

Rage - All This Time

Rainbow - Man On The Silver Mountain

Reach - The Law

Red Desert - Older No Wiser

Redlight King - Lift The Curse

Red Warszawa - Bollet ihjel af hest

Rendezvous Point - Universal Chaos

Restorya - The Black

Revocation - Dyers Eve

Richie Kotzen - Venom

Riot - Swords And Tequila

Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - The Storm

Rival Sons - Do Your Worst
Rival Sons - Rich And The Poor
Rival Sons - Shooting Stars
Rival Sons - Too Bad

Rob Halford & Bruce Dickinson  - The One You Love to Hate

Rob Zombie - Dragula
Rob Zombie & Marilyn Manson - Helter Skelter

Rolling Stones  - Wild Horses

Ronnie James Dio - Holy Diver
Ronnie James Dio - Rainbow In The Dark
Ronnie James Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen - Dream On

Rose Tattoo - Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw

Rotting Christ - The Sons Of Hell

Sabaton - The Red Baron

Sacred Reich - Death Valley

Saint Asonia & Sully Erna - The Hunted

Saliva - Survival Of The Sickest

Sammy Hagar - Heavy Metal

Santana & Chris Cornel - Whole Lotta Love

Saul - Brother

Savatage - Edge Of Thorns
Savatage - Handful Of Rain

Saviour - Enemies

Saxon - Red Star Falling

Scorpion Child - Acid Roulette

Scott Stapp - Purpose For Pain

Seether - Against The Wall -
Acoustic Version
Seether - Dangerous
Seether - Diseased
Seether - Written In Stone

Sepultura - Isolation

Shakra - Too Much Is Not Enough

Shinedown - 45
Shinedown - Attention, Attention

Shotgun Revolution - Wormwood

Silvertomb - Insomnia

Silvera - The Reckoning

Silverthorne - Tear The Sky Wide Open

Sinner - The Sign

Ski-King - Pet Cemetary


Small Town Titans - The Man

Solence - Animal In Me

Somas Cure - Iglesia de Humo

Soen - Jinn

Sorcerer & Johan Langqvist - Deliverance

Spirit Adrift - Angel And Abyss
Spirit Adrift - Eyes Were Not Alive

Spy Machines - Pink Clown

Stam1na - Kannoin Sinut Lpi Hiljaisen Huoneen

Stone Sour - Creeping Death

Stone Temple Pilots - Fare Thee Well
Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song
Stone Temple Pilots - Roll Me Under

Striker - Heart Of Lies

Sworn Enemy - Coming Undone

Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders - Crossed The Line

Ten Second Songs - Dark Horse Type O
Ten Second Songs - No Time To Die Cornell

Testament - Deadline

Texas Hippie Coalition - Moonshine

The 69 Eyes - Hell Has No Mercy

The Alabama Lovesnakes - Your Little Key

The Allman Brothers Band - Whipping Post

The Amity Affliction - Forever

The Band - The Weight

The Black Moods - Bad News

The Dead Daisies - Fortunate Son

The Dogs - Love Says Nothing

The HU & Lzzy Hale of Halestorm - Song Of Women

The Night Flight Orchestra - Gemini

The Offering - Failure (S.O.S)
The Offspring - Gone Away

The Outlaws - The Wheel

The Pretty Reckless - Death By Rock And Roll

The Psychedelic Furs - All That Money Wants
The Psychedelic Furs - Heaven

The Sword - She

The Tea Party - So Careless

The Treatment - Bite Back

The Vintage Caravan - On The Run

The Wild! - King Of This Town

 The Word Alive - Numb Love (Misery II)

Time, The Valuator & Charlotte Buchholz - Lovely

Tindrum - Drums Of War

Tom Keifer - The Death Of Me

Tony Joe White - Closer To The Truth

Trivium - Bleed Into Me
Trivium - Catastrophist

Thundermother - Driving In Style

Tyketto - Forever Young

Tr - Cemetery Gates

UDO - A Bite Of Evil
UDO - Blood On Fire
UDO - Hungry And Angry
UDO - Keeper Of My Soul
UDO - Leatherhead
UDO - Rose In The Desert
UDO & Das Musikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Future Is The Reason Why

Underwing - We Lie Awake

Unleash The Archers - Heartless World

Uriah Heep  - Grazed By Heaven

U.P.O. - Godless

Vandenberg - Freight Train

Vhldemar - Hell IS On Fire

Viikate - Huomenta Humalaiset

Villagers Of Loannina City - Age Of Aquarius

Viper - Living For The Night
Viper & Andre Matos - The Spreading Soul Forever

Void Droid - Clockface

Vokonis - Grasping Time

Volbeat - The Everlasting

Volga - Sister

Vulture Industries - Deeper

Warkings - Hephaistos

Warlock - All We Are

W.A.S.P. - Golgotha
W.A.S.P. - Scream

Water Wolf - In the Eye Of The Beast (You'll Be Found)

We Sell The Dead - Black Sleep

Wednesday 13 - Decompose
Wednesday 13 -  Devil Inside

Wheel - Wheel
Wheel - Where The Pieces Lie

Whiskey Myers - Gasoline

Whitechapel - Hickory Creek

Whitesnake - Shut Up Kiss Me
Whitesnake - Still Of The Night

Wolfheart - Valkyrie

Woods Of Ypres - Kiss My Ashes

Wucan - Night To Fall

Year Of The Goat - Avaritia

Y&T - Mean Streak

Zakk Wylde Road Back Home
presente de MsFrvr
Zakk Wylde - Sold My Soul  
presente de MsFrvr
Zakk Wylde & Nuno Bettencourt - Sideways - Live in China

Zeal & Ardor - Baphomet
(Live in London)

ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man


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