"F" Variados Rock

Faber Drive - When Im With You
Faber Drive - You and I Tonight

Fallen Arise - Never Forget Me 

Fatal Force - Far Away
Fatal Force - The Only One

Fifth Angel  - Broken Dreams

Fingertips - Before and After Us Final Fantasy VII
Fingertips - Home

Firenote - My Love Will Never Die
Firenote - Sara La Fountain

Firewind  -  Confide  
Firewind  - Hate World Hero
Firewind  - Land Of Eternity
Firewind -  My Loneliness 

Five Finger Death Punch -  Battle Born
Five Finger Death Punch  - Far From Home
Five Finger Death Punch -  House of The Rising Sun 
presente da YellowMoon
Five Finger Death Punch - Remember Everything

Five For Fighting - All For One
Five For Fighting - It´s Not Easy
Five For Fighting - One More_For_Love

Foghat - Angel Of Mercy

Ford T  - Tough Love

Free From Sin -  Down A Wicked Road

Free Spirit - Hysteria

Furious Zoo - Do You Miss Me
Furious Zoo - Going To The Run
(Golden Earring-Cover)
Furious Zoo -  I Have Nothing
(Whitney Houston - cover)

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