"D"  Variadas


Dahlia Row - I Will

Damien Lawson -  Hello (Adele Cover)
Damien Lawson -  Sand Castles

Dan Fogelberg - Rhythm of the Rain

Dan Torres -  I Can't Live Without Your Love

Dan & Shay -  I Heard Goodbye
Dan & Shay -  Nothin' Like You

Daniel Merriweather & Adele - Water And A Flame

Daniele Alexander  - The Look Of Love
Daniele Alexander  - What Real Love Is
Daniele Alexander & Butch Baker -  It Wasn't You, It Wasn't Me

Dani Moz -  I Need Your Love

Danni Carlos - The Reason

Danity Kane - Stay With Me

Danny Gokey - What Hurts The Mos

Danny Fernandes -  Come Back Down
Danny Fernandes - Had Me At Hi
Danny Fernandes  - Kryptonite
Danny Fernandes - Missed Call
Danny Fernandes -  Never Again

Dara Maclean - You Are All  I Need
Dara Maclean & Ucha  - For Once In My Life

Darin -  Only You Can Save Me
Darin  - Unbreak My Heart
Darin - Why Does It Rain

Darren Hayes -  Insatiable

Dash Berlin & Emma Hewitt - Waiting-

David Correy -  Come Clean

DavidCook -  Always Be My Baby

DavidCook - Billie Jean
David Cook - Fade Into Me  
DavidCook  - I Dont Want To Miss a Thing
David Cook & Adele - Rolling In The Deep

David Gray  - It´s Not Easy To Be Me

David Gates  - Find Me
David Gates -  Never Let Her Go
David Gates -  Someday

David Guetta & Sam Martin - Dangerous

David Pomeranz -  On This Day

Dawn King - Do That to Me One More Time 

Declan Galbraith - All Out of Love
Declan Galbraith - Imagine
Declan Galbraith - It All Begins With Love
Declan Galbraith  - Mama Said
Declan Galbraith -  Tell Me Why
Declan Galbraith - Your Friend 

Demi Lovato  - Neon lights 
(Imperio 2014)
Demi Lovato - Smoke & Mirrors
Demi Lovato - Stone Cold
Demi Lovato & Jason Derulo  - Together

Demi van Wijngaarden - Something's Got A Hold On Me cover Etta James

Denean - Eagle Fly... But, Don´t Fly Away T¥G®Ë_M˧T¥ÇØ 
Denean - Sundancer  Olhar Feminino

Derek Ryan -  I Cant Stop Loving You
Derek Ryan -  I Wont Let Go 

D.H.T.  - Listen To Your Heart

Diane Birch - The End  (Lucifer)

Dianne Elise -  I Knew I Loved You
Dianne Elise & Reuben Laurente -  I Miss You Like Crazy

Dido - End Of Night
Dido & Carlos Santana - Feels Like Fire

Dissidenten & Lem Chaheb - Fata Morgana
(Haja Coração)

Donna Cruz  - Only Me And You

Double You - Gonna Be My Baby
Double You - Looking At My Girl

Double You - What Did You Do With My Love
Double You -  You, My Love 
Anjo das Midis

Downhere - How Many Kings

Dua Lipa - Swan Song

Dusty Springfield & Daryl Hall - Wherever Would I Be

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