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" A B C "

Alannah Myles - Black Velvet

Allison Krauss & Viktor Krauss -  Big Log 

Allison Thrash - Last Night The Blues Came
Allison Thrash - Mother
Allison Thrash - On The Blues Express

Amy Black & Dimitris Lesini Greece  - Gotta Serve Somebody

Amy Lepard -  Love Is A Compromise

Anne Murray - You Don't Know Me

Annie Lennox - I Put a Spell On You
Annie Lennox & Alicia Keys Everybody Hurts

Annie Lyon- LSD Blues

Ann M Wolf Nothin -  But The Blues Without You

Barbara Blue - Sweet Love Blues
Barbara Blue -  Too Late Blues
Barbara Blue & The Phantom Blues Band -  Bag O' Love
Barbara Blue & The Phantom Blues Band  - Broken Hearts Row

Bare Bones Boogie Band - Sweet Release 

Big Time Sarah - A Million Of You
Big Time Sarah - Ill Take Care Of You
Big Time Sarah & The BTS - Aint No Sunshine 

B.J. Sharp - Keep On Cookin
B.J. Sharp  - Never Felt No Blues 
 B.J. Sharp - Rainy Sunday Nights
B.J. Sharp - Your Mamas Talkin

Blue Eyes Cry -  Blues In Me
Blue Eyes Cry -  Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home
Blue Eyes Cry - Little Red Rooster

Bonnie Bramlett - A Change Is Gonna Come

Bonnie Lee - I Need Your Love So Bad
Bonnie Lee - Sad And Evil Woman  

Brittnee Camelle - Give It To Me Right         
(Mylla & Caverna)

Carol Chase - Blue Highway      
presente nossosonhomidis

Carolyn Wonderland - Georgia On My Mind

Cee Cee James - Blood Red Blues
Cee Cee James - Done Love Wrong  
Cee Cee James  - Living In The House Of The Blues 

Cheryl Arena - Love Gone Wrong

Cissy Houston - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother 
Cissy Houston - Letting Go
Cissy Houston - Your Song
(Elton John Cover)

Clara Ghimel  - Help Me Through The Day
Clara Ghimel -  I'd Rather Go Blind
Clara Ghimel -  That's Why I'm Crying

Coffeepot Drive - I Love You

" D E F "

Dana Fuchs - Bliss Avenue
Dana Fucks & Martin Luther Mccoy - Don't Let Me Down

Dana Gillespie - Full Circle Blues
Dana Gillespie - Once in a Blue Moon
Dana Gillespie - Where Blue Begins      
presente Caverna e Mylla

Dana Sedgwick -  I Can't Make You Love Me 

Dani Wilde - Falling
Dani Wilde - I Love You More Than I Hate Myself
Dani Wilde - Some Kinda Crazy

Deanna Bogart - Have A Little Faith

Deborah Bonham - I Need Love
Deborah Bonham - (If You) Had A Little Love
Deborah Bonham - Love Lies
Deborah Bonham Love You So

Delta Cross Band - She Moves Me
Delta Cross Band - The Thrill Is Gone

Delta Moon - Lovin' In The Moonlight

Demetria Taylor - Cherry Red Wine
Demetria Taylor - Im A Woman
(Koko Taylor cover)

Denise LaSalle - Its Too Late 
Denise LaSalle - Sit Down And Hurt Awhile
Denise LaSalle - Trapped By A Thing Called Love
Denise LaSalle - You lll Loose A Good Thing

Dianne Reeves & Low Rawls - At Last
Dianne Reeves & Lou Rawls - Baby Its Cold Outside

Dinah Washington - The Blues Aint Nothing But A Women Cryin For Her Man

Dionne Warwick & B. B. King - Hummingbird

Diunna Greenleaf & Blue Mercy - Shake A Hand

Dona Oxford - Rowena Said

Doris Duke - Woman of the Ghetto

Dorothy Moore - Coming Down With the Blues 
Dorothy Moore - Let The Healing Begin

E.C. Scott - People Get Ready
E.C. Scott - Wise As A Fool
E.C. Scott & Chris Cain - Before Quick Can Get Ready

Eddy Wilson's Blues Band -  I Just Can't Wait No More 

EG Kight -  House Of The Rising Sun 
EG Kight -  Nobody Ever Touched Me There
EG Kight  - Sad Sad Sunday 
EG Kight  - That's How A Woman Loves .

Eleonora Vecchio - The Bluest Blues
(Ten Years After-cover)

Erma Franklin - Piece Of My Heart   Lancer

Eve Gallagher - Last Night


" G H I "
Gaye Adegbalola - Only One Truth

Gema Pearl - Going Down Singing

Gin Wigmore - Kill Of The Night
Gin Wigmore  - Nothing To No One
Gin Wigmore - Poison

Gina Sicilia - Allow Me To Confess
Gina Sicilia - Try Me

Glennis Grace - It Is A Man's World
Glennis Grace & Candy Dulfer - All In Love Is Fair

Holly Benton -  Come Home
Holly Benton -  This Aint Love

Holly Mcnarland - Whisper

Imelda May - Blues Calling
Imelda May - Call Me
Imelda May - Forever You And Me
Imelda May - Fallin In Love With You Again
Imelda May - Summer Breeze
Imelda May & Jeff Beck  - Black Tears
Imelda May & Jeff Beck - Walking In The Sand

Inara George Its Raining

Isabel Tavares & Black Coffee Band - Chain Of Fools   
Isabel Tavares & Black Coffee Band  - Hootchie Coochie Girl
Isabel Tavares & Black Coffee Band -  Proud Mary 
O Leigo

" J K L "

Jacintha - Light My Fire  para  SolnoSoM

Jade Maze - Move On
Jade Maze - My Love Will Never Die

Janiva Magness - I Dont Know
Janiva Magness - I Won't Cry
Janiva Magness- You Were Never Mine

Jan James - Did What I Did

Jacquie Lee - The House Of The Rising Sun

Jean Shy & The Climax Band Cologne - Blow Top Blues
Jean Shy & The Shy Guys - Song For You
Jean Shy & The Shy Guys - Unchain My Heart

Jessica Sanchez - Steal Away

Jessy Martens Band - Forever Mine
Jessy Marten sBand - Undone

Joanna Connor -  Big Girl Blues
Joanna Connor  - Rock And Roll Gypsy

Joanne Shaw Taylor -  Wild Is The Wind
(David Bowie cover)

Jocelyn And Chris Arndt -  Give Me One Reason (live)

Judith Hill - Always On My Mind
Judith Hill - Feeling Good
Judith Hill - It's A Man's Man's Man's World

Kara Grainger  - C'mon In My Kitchen
Kara Grainger -  Holding Out for Love
Kara Grainger - I'm Not Ready
Kara Grainger -  Lost in You
Kara Grainger -  You're The One

Karen Lovely - Fish Outta Water
Karise Eden - I'd Rather Go Blind
Karen Lovely - It Is,  Too Little,  Too Late
Karen Lovely - Its Too Late
Karen Lovely - Lucky Girl (Hoochie Coochie Woman)

Karen Lovely - Molotov Cocktails
Karen Lovely - Never Felt No Blues
Karen Lovely - Other Plans
Karen Lovely - Save Me
Karen Lovely - Under The Midnight Sun

Karise Eden - It's a Man's World
Karise Eden - Stay With Me Baby
Karise Eden - You Won't Let Me

Katie Webster - Hold On To What You Got
Katie Webster - Im Still Leaving You
Katie Webster - Never Let Me Go
Katie Webster - Sea Of Love
Katie Webster - Two Fisted Mama
Katie Webster & Black Cat Bone - Misty Blue

Kelley Hunt - I Miss You
Kelley Hunt - Invisible Woman

Kellie Rucker - Love And War

Kimberly Nichole & Lowell Oakley - Hound Dog

Kim Lembo & Blue Heat  - Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City

Kim Weston - When Something Is Wrong With My Baby

Lara Price - If You Love Me
Lara Price - Where...When...Why

LaTasha Lee  - Crazy  

LaTasha Lee & The BlackTies - Can't Walk Away
LaTasha Lee & The BlackTies - Left Hand Side
LaTasha Lee & The BlackTies - Stand By Your Man

Laura Cheadle - Rock Me Baby

Layna Shery - When I Stop Cryin About You  

LeAnn Rimes - 16 Tons

Leona Lewis - Summertime

Lillian Boutte - Why Dont You Do Right  

Lisa Fischer - Ruler Of My Heart.

Lizz Wrigth - Hit Ground
Lizz Wright - I Idolize You
Lizz Wrigth - When I Fall

Lou Ann Barton - Cant Believe You Wanna Leave
Lou Ann Barton - Sexy Ways
Lou Ann Barton - Shake Your Hips 

" M N O P "

Magda Piskorczyk  - Hearts

Maggie Bell - Jealousy    MsFrvr
Maggie Bell Stone & The Crows - Dont Think Twice  

Maria Muldaur - Dont You Feel My Leg

Marta Ren & The Groovelvets  - Release Me
Marta Ren & The Groovelvets - So Long

Marty Stokes & The Captiva Band - Stop

Meena Cryle - I'd Rather Go Blind
Meena Cryle - Put Your Hands Out Of My Pocket
Meena Cryle - Try Me SR
Meena Cryle & Coco Montoya - Just As I Am
Meena Cryle & The Chris Fillmore Band - Enough Is Enough
Meena Cryle & The Chris Fillmore Band - I Beg You

Miss Blues -  Blood Running Cold
Miss Blues -  Midnight Cry
Miss Blues -  Trapped

Nanette Workman - Belly Achin Blues
Nanette Workman - Hallelujah

Natalia MKing - I Need To See You

Nellie Tiger Travis -  If I Back It Up 
Nellie Tiger Travis - Thrill Is Gone

Nicole Hart  - Can't Ever Let You Go
Nicole Hart - I Just Want To Cry
Nicole Hart & Anni Piper - Aint Nobody Watchin

Nicolette Larson & Jeff Beck  - I'd Die For this Dance

Nina Persson & Nathan Larson -  Brothers In Arms  (Dire Straits cover)
Nina Persson & Nathan Larson - Losing My Religion. (REM cover)
Nina Persson & Nathan Larson - The Bluest Eyes In Texas

Oda - I Got A Mind To Give Up Living

" Q R S T "

Red Stone Souls - Haeder Everyday

Rene Austin - Bitter Water
ReneAustin -  Dancin' With Mr Blue
Rene Austin  - Right About Love
Rene  Austin  & Tommy Castro -  Lets Give Love A Try

Rita Coolidge - Bring It On Home To Me.

Rossington - Shame On Me
Rossington - Too Many Rainy Days
Rossington - Two Very Different Things

Ruth Brown - Get Here
Ruth Brown -Good Day For The Blues
Ruth Brown - Looking Back

Ruthie Foster - Harder Than The Fall
Ruthie Foster - It Might Not Be Right 
Ruthie Foster - Up Above My Head I Hear Music In The Air

Sabrina Starke - Do For Love

Sam Bailey - Dance With My Father  
Sam Bailey - Who's Loving You
(live x-factor)

Sam Brown - Stop

Sandra Hall -  I Miss You So
Sandra Hall -  Use What You Got
Sandra Hall & Gnola Blues Band -  Tell Me

Sara Niemietz  - Hey Ya!
(Outkast Cover)  

Sasha Allen - Aint No Way
Sasha Allen - Alone
Sasha Allen - At Last
Sasha Allen - Oh!! Darling

Shakura S'Aida - Bad Girl
Shakura S'Aida - Blues Dancing.
Shakura S'Aida - Geechee Woman
Shakura S'Aida - Tell Me Baby

Sharrie Williams - How Much Can A Woman Take
Sharrie Williams - Id Rather Go Blind
Sharrie Williams - Whats Wrong With You

Shemekia Copeland - Dont Whisper
Shemekia Copeland - Ghetto Child
Shemekia Copeland - Married To The Blues
Shemekia Copeland  - Stay A Little Longer, Santa
Shemekia Copeland - Too Close
Shemekia Copeland  & Buddy Guy - I Miss You

Shirley Johnson - As the Years Go Passing By
Shirley Johnson - Missed The Best Chance
Shirley Johnson -  Prisoner Of Love

Sinad O'Connor -  Why Don't You Do Right

Sista Monica Parker - All Things Are Possible 
Sista Monica Parker - Georgia On My Mind
Sista Monica Parker - Imagine
Sista Monica Parker - Leave The Door Open
Sista Monica Parker - Let It Be
Sista Monica Parker - Let Me Moan
Sista Monica Parker - The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall
Sista Monica Parker - Youll Never Walk Alone

Soulmate - Set Me Free

Sweet Angel - Another Man's Meat On My Plate
Sweet Angel - Don't Be Lonely Be Loved
Sweet Angel - Id Rather Have A Cheatin Man

Tara Louise Band -  Bye Bye Bye  /   60s   /  Pulp Fiction

Teresa James - Love Is For All Time
Teresa James - Wind Cries The Blues  
Teresa James & Robert J Walsh - Honey Don't Worry
Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps - Come On Home To Me
Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps -  I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps - Just When I Thought
Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps - The Day the Blues Came to Call

The Lucky Duckies - The Way You Look Tonight
(Mylla & Caverna)

The Nortons - Married to the Blues

Tracy Chapman &  Eric Clapton - Give Me One Reason
Tracy Chapman & Natalie Merchant - In The Ghetto  

Trampled Under Foot - It Would Be Nice 

Trudy Lynn - Anybodys Man Tonight
Trudy Lynn - Help Me Through The Day
Trudy Lynn - Speak Now ! Or Forever Hold Your Peace
Trudy Lynn - Still On My Mind
Trudy Lynn - Try To Leave Me If You Can 

Trudy Lynn  - When Something Is Wrong With My Baby

" U V "
Vaneese Thomas - 10 X the Man You Are
Vaneese Thomas - A Woman's Love

Vaya Con Dios - Farewell Song
Vaya Con Dios - For You
Vaya Con Dios - Forever Blue
Vaya Con Dios - So Long Ago
Vaya Con Dios - What's A Woman

Vickie Carrico -  Hello Darkness
Vickie Carrico  - Let Love Make It Right

" W X Y Z "
Wynonna Judd - Aint No Sunshine
Wynonna Judd - That Was Yesterday
Wynonna Judd - Woman to Woman

Y'akoto -  Diamonds  
Y'Akoto -  Talk To Me

Zakiya Hooker - Angel Of The Blues
Zakiya Hooker - Cold Cold Feeling
Zakiya Hooker - Funny But I Still Love You
Zakiya Hooker - Hang On For A While
Zakiya Hooker & John Lee Hooker - Mean Mean World
Zakiya Hooker & John Lee Hooker - Rock In Blues Away Keeping It Real

Zora Young - Blues Fallin' Down Like Rain.
Zora Young - Im In Love With You
Zora Young -  Rainy Night In Georgia 
Zora Young - Travelin' Light


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