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" A B C "

Beau Jocque & The Zydeco Hi Rollers - I'm On The Wonder

Beau Jocque & The Zydeco Hi-Rollers -  What You Gonna Do

Blues & Decker - Blues Is Dead. Long Live The Blues!
Blues & Decker - Second Sight
Blues & Decker -  Stealin' The Soul

Catfish Kray Band - Hide Away
Catfish Kray Band - So Ashamed      
presente do Caverna
Catfish Kray Band & Lady Larea - Honey Don

Chris Antonik - Love Bettike
Chris Antonik - Roll With It
Chris Antonik - Shes A Burglar
Chris Antonik - The King Of Infidelity

Chris Jones & Steve Baker -  If Walls Could Talk
Chris Jones & Steve Baker  - Long After You're Gone

" D E F "


Daniel Castro - Ill Play The Blues For You

Darrell Nulisch -  After All
Darrell Nulisch - Handle It With Care
Darrell Nulisch  - There's A Sad Story Here
Darrell Nulisch & Texas Heat  - Just Around The Corner

Dr. Project Point Blank  - A Song For V
Dr. Project Point Blank - I`m All Right

Floyd Dixon - A Long Time Ago

" G H I "

Gaetano Pellino & Soul Sarah -  I Loved Another Woman

George Terry - Shes My Harley Davidson
George Terry Wild Life 

Howell Devine - Mighty Long Time

" J K L "

Jimmy Witherspoon - Evenin
Jimmy Witherspoon - Goin'Down Slow
Jimmy Witherspoon & T-Bone Walker - I've Been Treated Wrong

John Littlejohn -  What In The World You Goin' To Do

John Lyons & Rolf Birri -  On The Road
John Lyons & Rolf Birri -  Under The Stars

Johnny Otis - Dont Deceive Me

Johnny Rawls - Born To The Blues
Johnny Rawls - Can I Get It
Johnny Rawls  - Every Woman Needs a Working Man
Johnny Rawls -  I Don't Want No Woman

Justin Johnson - I Put A Spell On You

JW Roy and the One Night Band -  Ill Be There
JW Roy and the One Night Band -  You Didn t Know It (But You Had Me)

Kaleo - Way Down We Go

Lal And The People - Eyes On You

Lazy Lester - Take Me In Your Arms

Little Charlie & The Nightcats - If This Is Love

Long John Hunter -  Still Blue.

" M N O "

Magnum Opus - Old Man Blues

Marc Broussard -  I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know

Murali Coryell -  Restless Mind

Nameless - I Wanna Kiss You Everyday

Nicky Moore  - Is This Love
Nicky Moore  - Whiskey In The Jar
Nicky Moore & The Blues Corporation  - Holding On  (8:26)
Nicky Moore & The Blues Corporation  -  Dying For The Love Of You
Nicky Moore & The Blues Corporation -  Your Turn Will Come One Day

"P Q R "

Phantom Blues Band -  A Very Blue Day

Raful & Kenny Neal - Down And Out
Raful & Kenny Neal - Rainin

" S T U "

Scotty & The Rib Tips - Big Leg Woman
Scotty & The Rib-Tips - Careless With Our Love
Scotty & The Rib Tips - Poison Ivy
Scotty & The Rib Tips - Road Block

Sobo Blues Band  - My Song
Sobo Blues Band - Whos Been Talking

T-Bear & The Dukes Of Rhythm - Don't Leave Your Heart Behind

The Blues Infusion  - I Put A Spell On You

The Blues Overdrive - Aurora

The Brooklyn Rhythm & Blues Band  - Feelin' Blue   
presente da .|$j롆|
The Brooklyn Rhythm & Blues Band - I'll Play The Blues For You
The Brooklyn Rhythm & Blues Band  - The Love I Have
The Brooklyn Rhythm & Blues Band  - Tough On Me Tough On You

The Hypnotics - Blues Patrol

The Hitman Blues Band  Angel In The Shadows
The Hitman Blues Band -  Better Class Of Bums
The Hitman Blues Band - Every Piece Of Me
The Hitman Blues Band -  I Know About The Blues
The Hitman Blues Band  -  Trouble On The Line
The Hitman Blues Band -  Whiskey Bottom Road.

The Mojo Roots  -  I Got the Blues  
presente da .|$j롆|
The Mojo Roots  -  Its Over
The Mojo Roots -  I've Been Loving You Too Long
The Mojo Roots  - Not Loving You
The Mojo Roots  - That Kind Of Girl

The Paladins - You And I

Timothy James  - Time To Fall In Love


Tony Tucker - As My Guitar Gently Weeps
Tony Tucker - Down The Road Of Blues
Tony Tucker - When A Blind Man Cries

Too Mutz Blues Band  - Since I've Been Loving You   (7:19)

Tritono Blues - Gerogia On My Mind.
Tritono Blues - Hit The Road Jack
Tritono Blues - Unchain My Heart

" V X"

" W Y Z "



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